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Posted by Commodore Pickle on March 10 2004 22:11:00
Subject: Added a horrible forest and fixed bgadjust() bug!

Foolish Intarweb! -
I made some (admittedly poor) tree and forest sprites. When I added the forest sprites to the background system, I limited their tiling to an area beginning at 0x0 and ending at roughly 2000x2000. This was the first time that the limiting system had been actually put to the test and it revealed an error. After a bit of laboring I wrote a fix around the error and now all should be well.

The 3 tree sprites have _not_ been added to the game model because I have decided to attempt to keep a semi-isometric view style (not counting our beloved Bob). We'll see what we see.

On another note, my Internet was down the past 3 days, preventing me from looking up precious precious API information on, which further stymied any progress on the graphics/game engine. Currently on my immediate TODO list:
  o Shapes system (CPE2D)
  o Collision system (CPE2D)
  o Maps, region-specific scripting, scripting language (Zaeden)
I actually have the Map/scripting system mostly thought out. Naturally I'll be going over what I have and looking for obvious tweaks/optimizations before implementing it. My time will be divided, but I should get one thing or another accomplished soon-ish. Till later, peace.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on March 08 2004 04:42:40
Subject: New project... sorta

The project has changed direction -
The original project was for an MMORPG... and some other interesting stuff. Well, being the realist I am, I realized that I could never get an entire MMORPG done by myself. It crossed the border from "ambitious" to "overwhelming". Now I have resigned myself to working on the wonderful (and I do mean that) CPEngine, and to developing a much simpler game idea.

The new idea is in the "about" section. I think it's a winner. But maybe I'm biased.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on December 23 2003 16:09:00
Subject: False start, lost time :(

Partial Failure -
I was working on re-ordering the source, moving components from to external files and such... but my complete newbness at C thwarted me.

And so, some hours wasted, I "rm -rf zaeden"'d and reverted to the current tarball. That's not too bad... it coulda been worse. I might have done something substantial since the last tarballing which would have set me back further.

I have to write up my college applications and essay and I have plans at 10PM tonight, so don't expect much to be accomplished in the next couple days. Sorry.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on December 22 2003 14:51:00
Subject: More updates/improvements to the site

Fixed PHP -
I patched a couple of possible errors in the downloads section PHP scripts (there are several scripts working in conjunction.)

I also set up a system (combining JS and PHP) to display the modify time of the package hosted on, that should help visitors pick the best package, or at least make a more informed decision.

I was going to do some programming but my life got busy so I was unable to. I'll work on completing something, animation or collision detection, as sort of a Christmas present.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on December 20 2003 13:30:00
Subject: New page created!

Contact section -
I've added a contact section (finally). The PHP just displays profiles in the ./profile directory. It's functional. Currently it displays selected profiles inline, I'm thinking of changing that. Feedback appreciated.

Tonight or such I'm going to program either collision detection or the animation architecture. I really haven't decided which, they're both so incredibly awesome and necessary :( Well, we'll just have to wait and see what I end up doing. Till later, g'day!

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