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Posted by Commodore Pickle on December 18 2003 16:01:00
Subject: BUGFIXES! Engine code 1.21, and updated site.

Bugfixes -

    Fixes include:
  • Removed the only known graphical glitch bug in the engine.
  • Repaired a bit of the code for timing.
  • Repaired several miscellaneous errors (I was too tired to keep track last night.)

Additional code changes -
I modified the engine so that you can choose your own fill_color (the color used to clean the screen, and the color that appears on any portion of the screen where there isn't something else to draw). It still defaults to black but you can change it to any 24bit (TrueColor) color you want.

I also tinkered with the SoFont code distributed with Zaeden. SoFont is open-source and not made by me. I had to modify a few components. For example, the spacing is more mono-spaced in my version (which made more sense to me), and I also added support for \n characters to start a new text line.

There is a new key bind. While running zaeden hit L to lock the camera in a centered position over the sprite. I added that bind and the listing of the F (frame-rate display) bind to the message window.

Site changes -
Made the news php for the site, which is powering this page right now. The first post is incorrectly dated, but I don't really care. On my list of priorities, that slight problem ranks just above doing nothing and directly below going to sleep.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on December 18 2003 15:01:00
Subject: New release, bug fixes.

News items on release (0.0.2) -
The background system is now roughly 80% operational, in that it works but the infernal "speed" setting isn't quite flawlessly executed. So you can not currently make backgrounds scroll at differing rates. Sorry. I'll get to work on that first thing... sometime.

I also have fixed the framerate limiter again, and revised the method of determining time elapsed for movement. It is now held within the code instead of utilizing the graphic engine's time_elapsed variable. This is because time_elapsed has to do with framerate and selective frame rendering, which lead to inaccurate or inconsistent movement of sprites (at 10FPS you could move at about a BILLION miles/hour, whereas at 180FPS a turtle with 2 broken legs could beat you in a race.)

There were a couple other fixes. Generally this is the best release I've made to-date. When panning the camera (which causes the most amount of lag and drops the framerate the farthest) I get around 75FPS on my GeForce 2 MX. So I'm happy.

Known bugs -
Right now the forced-update list isn't implemented. This means that if you delete a sprite or a series of sprites the screen will not update to reflect this change unless something else triggers an update of the regions effected by the vanishing sprite.

Oh, and there seems to be a slight glitch with the screen table in that if you are on the border between two cells (either horizontally or vertically) there will be a slight glitch appearing. I think it has something to do with incorrectly determining the portion of the sprite's image that is in a cell, so it ends up blitting either too much or too little of the image on any given cell (this only occurs when the sprite isn't fully on a cell.)

Summary -
The bugs aren't anything which could prevent someone from making a video game out of the engine. The visual bug is not noticeable at all when movement is occuring and with the right work-around the deleted-but-not-disappearing sprite problem... isn't a problem.

I have yet to add the CPE_SHAPES function set, for drawing of basic-to-infinitely-complex shapes. I'll get to that around the time I get to it. Plus or minus.

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