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Posted by Commodore Pickle on April 26 2004 06:58:19
Subject: Background speed finally implemented

One quick update -
It took me a long, long while to get around to it, but I have finally implemented the background "speed" setting. "Speed" is a decimal fraction from 0 to 1 of movement impedance. E.g. 0 is normal speed, 1 is fully stopped (the background does not move when you move the camera.)

Posted by Commodore Pickle on April 25 2004 20:23:16
Subject: Collision detection and other such stuff!

Collision detection has been added -
I've added two functions (though they are currently undocumented in the CPE2D header file because I might be changing them around a bit soon) to the engine, allowing for bounding box collision detection. This is the easiest method and the one which most programs use. I also added the framework for pixel-precise collision detection, though that feature is not yet present.

In addition, I fixed a bug or two and completely revamped the way that the engine's sprites are stored in lists. This way allows easier access to their members and methods. It shouldn't have changed much of the end-user's code, and I promise that it is a lot better. Also, it was a necessary evil, in order to get collision detection and other advanced features to work.

Also, I've finally uploaded the current tarball to phelix. Soon I'll release an update to The current tarball is nowhere near as pretty as the earlier ones because I had to strip it bare in order to be able to readily test new features and changes to the engine (cough collision cough). I'll work on that eventually. Till my next update, peace.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on April 21 2004 04:31:02
Subject: Isometric view toggle and some bugfixes.

I fixed some bugs and added some stuff -
Fixed two bugs concerning the init() function. I doubt anybody ever discovered the bugs even existed, but at least now nobody ever will.

In addition, I added the neat-o isometric y-ordering boolean. You can spot it in action in the Screenshots section.

That's all for now, but I'll be working on more. I also have planned a neat GUI widget for making buttons, windows, etc. interfaces that respond to mouse input. Check the TODO list for details.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on March 27 2004 08:50:52
Subject: edit_ functions 'n stuff

Added some hugely groove-tastic functions!!!111 -
I've added edit_putpixel() and edit_getpixel(), functions whose purpose should be intuitively obvious. Oooo! But that barely touches the surface! Utilizing these awesome new tools (get and putpixel), I designed two new functions:
These functions have the ability to wash either whole images or only certain colors to match another color (even scaling luminance!) The over-all effect is neato. Screenshots to come soon.

You can find these and other changes/fixes in the development tarball. They are currently NOT in the SourceForge release. Once we do some preliminary bounding box collision detection I'll plop that up on, not before.

Posted by Commodore Pickle on March 24 2004 20:06:15
Subject: Changes, additions, direction

Some changes, an addition and a comment on direction -
Added init_cells() function. Doing so, I moved the update table creation/handling out of init(), made the cellsize (int) variable public and allowed for people to change the cellsize at any point during runtime. This enables you to easily tweak cellsize for your particular CPU/Graphics power mix (better FPS).

Additionally, I reordered a couple of things in the engine and Zaeden code, but nothing important was changed. I did, however, fix a typo bug. I had accidentally omitted fill_color from the printf line in init() that announced the fill color value. Nothing major.

I've decided that instead of working full-time on the engine, adding facets and gadgets that Zaeden doesn't need (and thusly almost halting all progress on Zaeden), from this point on I'll be working on those parts of the engine that Zaeden requires to grow. This means that next up is a _SIMPLE_ collision system (while I figure out the best way to implement a more advanced version), and then work on NPCs and battles in the game itself. The progress will be a bit slower on CPE, but Zaeden might actually get somewhere.

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