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Though in future Zaeden and the CPEngine game engine will be distributed separately, for now they are in one package.

Also, I have not incorporated any sort of "update system" so you'll have to download the whole source and recompile whenever changes are made.

Aside from this page, you can monitor release activity by going to the SourceForge Project page for Zaeden.

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Current working release -
This package is the current working version. I upload it to my own site as changes occur. The packages uploaded to are considered to be more "complete", well-rounded packages and are only released whenever a suitable number of changes have been made.

The package here, however, is released with bugs and fixes. Caution if you choose to install it. It might have newer features than the package listed above, but it probably has newer bugs as well.

Current dev version: zaeden.tar.gz

Dependencies -
The releases of Zaeden and the engine currently rely on only two external libraries; SDL and SDL_image (see below).
SDL 1.2.* | SDL_image

Built using:
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